About the Chef

Food is an integral part of our lives as humans.

I believe that ‘food’ as a sociological concept is often vastly underrated.

People relegate it to the realms of mundanity too often, seeing it as something that simply ‘needs to be done’ and requires no more discussion. I think otherwise.

Food is the bedrock of our working days, the breather we take between periods of work and one of the few creative activities that all humans have in common.

Forget about football – the universal language of the world is Food.

As a youngster, scrapping at the dinner table with my two sisters, meal times were hectic affairs. I remember the defining years of my life through the memories of those dinners, shared around a oval wooden table that grew smoother as time as went by, with grooves settling in where Dad would mic-drop his favourite Pyrex dish, full of wonderful pasta bakes, enchiladas and pies. Our parents believed in constantly challenging our taste buds, its thanks to them that I’m working in with Food today.

Food is also a wonderful social gel. There’s no better way to get to know a group of people than by sharing a meal with them – a lesson that I learnt from my University days. When you move away from home into halls of residence, you suddenly find yourself living with total strangers. With nothing in common (at first) you have to make the effort to forge those initial connections with your would-be friends and cooking food was always the easiest way to do this. You’d be amazed how quickly a couple of Bacon Sarnies can turn two strangers into great pals.

Most importantly, the kind of Food we make (and how we eat it) is a quintessential part of our identity. As we grow, from kids to young adults and on into older life, our tastes adapt and develop just like our personalities, reflecting how we enjoy the world around us.

I believe that the food I create at work (and enjoy at home) is a direct reflection of who I am. Each meal, crafted from techniques I’ve learnt over the years, with ingredients that I have sourced personally, is emblematic of my vision of what Food should be: Playful, wholesome, vibrant and packed full of bold flavours.

This blog is a record of my journey with food as a chef and foodie. Through interacting with this fantastic community, I can gauge public opinion on trends and flavours, so I can keep challenging myself back in the kitchen.

Happy Eating!

Aeron Wilkes