An Alternative Mother’s Day

I love my Mum.

She’s a humble lady, who was brave and ballsy enough to raise me and my two sisters by herself, whilst my Dad was working away from home as an off-shore driller.

Throughout our childhoods we would always try and lavish her with attention on her Birthday, but when it came to Mother’s Day, we’d always seem to forget. Its one of those non-religious days that just managed to slip through the cracks each year, being a little too close to Easter for us to think of anything else but chocolate.

Of course, when we broke into adulthood, we started kicking things into gear a bit. By this point though, the family had essentially gone their separate ways. I’d left for University and my two older siblings had long since flown the coop to pursue careers in London. We left my Mum in Bristol, waiting for my Dad to retire and making a new life for herself in the mean time.

This year my Mum turned 60, quite the achievement, considering what we put her through as teenagers!

Although we’d celebrated her birthday with a big family party back in February, when it came to Mother’s Day this year, I thought it would be nice if we could make this one an extra special one and bring our immediate family together for another get together. We’ve always been big eaters and dinner times were always cherished, especially when we were fortunate enough to have the whole family round the table.

With this in mind, I booked us a table for Mother’s Day at The Pony & Trap, Josh Eggleton’s Michelin Star winning gastro-pub. Just a half an hour drive away from Bristol, it made for a perfect go-between for us all, plus it gave me an excuse to snag a few ideas from one of the most talked about Pubs in the country.

With a rotating menu, that changes dependent on what vegetables are growing in local farms, Eggleton ensure a ‘Field to Fork’ ethos that has secured the Pub as a local favourite and national icon ¬†for pub excellence. When we arrived for an early dinner at 6, it was clear that we’d made a wise decision booking ahead. The interior of the small restaurant was packed out, with the jovial sounds of celebration seeping out of the traditional oak frontage.

The food on the menu that day offered a quintessential slice of Eggleton’s style.

To start, I ordered Lamb Faggots, something that I had been considering adding to the menu at our place. They came with a delicately flavoured Dill Yoghurt, a sweet Burnt Pickled Onion and a wonderfully crunchy Granola. As soon as I cut into the lamb, I knew that attempting to copy this standard of cooking would be a pointless task. Pink in the middle and well seasoned it was delightful.

There were no disappointments with the mains either. Whilst my Father opted for a Pork Chop, that came with Braised Neck, I couldn’t resist the Stuffed Saddle of Rabbit.

There’s something so satisfying about a well cooked pub meal.

Whereas most people are usually satisfied with the usual classics – I’m glad we opted for something extra special for my Mum.